Thursday, October 18, 2007

Top 5 openers for Bon Jovi's hometown 10 night concert event at the grand opening of the Prudential Center, NJ

Bon Jovi is rolling into their hometown of Newark, NJ to play 10 nights, opening the brand new Prudential Center. With 5 different opening bands playing 2 nights each, ranging in a variety of musical styles from country to emo, which night would be the best night for Bon Jovi fans to attend?


5. Big and Rich 10/28 & 10/30 - who?

You may know Rich from the band Lonestar and Big is some dude named Kenny, who turned 30 and decided to join a band. Going country was a smart choice, Big Kenny. Here's to both of you becoming Rich.

4. Daughtry

American Idol and Bon Jovi together on one bill. A perfect match for the fans of both. However, as far as talent goes, Daughtry would have come in last place, but moved up a slot saved by the fact that more than likely he will draw a larger crowd than Big and Rich (who?).

Daughtry loses once again.

3. Gretchen Wilson

Another Country crooner to join the bill, she looks a little scary to me, but it's better than Daughtry.

2. The All American Rejects

Look at the lead singers eyes. They are so dreamy. Bon Jovi and dreamy Reject singer all in one night! Men, stay away from this one. Let the ladies go alone.

1. My Chemical Romance

Emo and Pop/Rock mainstream bands together in one night! This will certainly be the most interesting musical pairing to experience. I will be attending both nights myself. Can't wait to see if the emo fans bring the older Bon Jovi fans to a depressive state, sending them home to stab knives in their kids Teddy Bears and cut themselves or Bon Jovi fans will rule and brighten the lives of their young self mutilated hearts.

A Grand Opening event for the new Prudential Center indeed! Tickets are on sale now at .