Tuesday, January 29, 2008

it's time for a marathon!

i have been down lately. going through a heartbreak. so when my friend called me and asked if i wanted to attend a documentary film with her, i jumped at the chance to get up and out of the house.

she runs marathons, my friend, so to my delight, we went to see a special screening of The Spirit of the Marathon. apparently, it was a one time only viewing. i have been wanting to run a marathon and now, because of this film, i AM going to run a marathon.

The Spirit of the Marathon is a triumphant documentary following a handful of people training and running the chicago marathon in 2005.

so watch for me in march when i run the la marathon. bring a glass of water to throw on me. 26.2 miles should cause some sweating. i look forward to it.

GOOD NEWS: the one time viewing of The Spirit of the Marathon was so successful, they are holding an encore presentation at select theatres throughout the US on february 21, 2008. click banner above for more details. check it out if it is playing in your city. everyone can use a little inspiration. and a brand new pair of running shoes.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

need a boost

i've been tired lately. too much talking and giving of myself. too much work and not enough time.

so a friend of mine suggested i try eBoost! i happen to be a fan of orange flavored drinks, so i it was worth a shot. i like it. and it did give me a natural boost without the harsh come down of so many other energy drinks. a nice, sweet natural boost of energy loaded with healthy vitamins.

i'm a new fan.